We here at the Hotel Adler in Ehingen are proud of our long history and the fact that the house has been in family ownership for generations. We would like to take you on a journey through the past to the present.

1670: According to ” Weaver, Ehingen – History of an Upper Swabian town on the Danube” the Adler already existed in 1670, at that time it was called “Golden Eagle”(Goldene Adler). The owner at that time, Veit Bühler, ran a brewery, distillery and an important agriculture here.

1899: The first barrel of wheat in Ehingen was brewed in the Adler. In this year, Marie Zimmermann’s account books at the Adlerbrauerei (brewery) Berg show several deliveries of draught wheat beer from the Adler Ehingen.

1906: Laying of the foundation stone of our traditional local family business. Karl and Ursula Mauz from the nearby village Kirchen bought the Adler with a 5 hectare farm and at the beginning in March 1906 they offered for the first time the still popular Metzelsuppe (traditional butcher’s platter) and Bockbraten (roast goat).

1918: Paula Mauz (née Bettle) – the later wife of Gregor Mauz – was seen in pictures for the first time.

1937: Paula Mauz died at a very young age, leaving behind three small children: Karl, Hilde and Paula. In the very difficult times of the First World War, Paula embodied values at that time which we can still be proud of today and which indicate a deep attachment to Swabia. Conscientiousness, the fulfilment of family obligations as well as the love for the profession and the gastronomy are distinctive and honourable characteristics that made up the personality of Paula Mauz.

1948: After Gregor, the son of the couple Karl and Ursula, had been a widower for 11 years after the death of Paula Mauz, he took over the Adler with his new wife Luise Mauz (née Geiger) after the Second World War. During time they had given up farming, distilling and brewing beer and concentrated on running the inn and guest rooms.

1971: The son of Gregor and Paula, Karl, took over the Adler and ran it with his wife Evi.

1990: Car park development and the creation of 24 new hotel rooms.

1996: On his 60th birthday, Karl ceremonially handed over the eagle to his children Sonja and Bernd, who run it in the now 4th generation together with their spouses Andreas and Elisana.

2006: Celebrations around the 100th anniversary of the eagle.

2016: Hotel expansion to 57 rooms.

2017: Opening of the Lifestyle & Spa Club.

2020: At the turn of the year, the Adler faces a big change: With the handover of the business to Sonja’s children Philipp and Marc with his fiancée Jennifer, a new chapter begins. The largest interior renovation in Adler’s history to date is completed and the Lifestyle Inn Paula’s Alp is created.

April 2020: Opening Paula’s Alp – Lifestyle Inn. Why Paula’s Alp?

Paula’s character traits are still an integral part of our work today. Coupled with a new lifestyle aspect and the highest quality standards, it is an honour for us to include Paula Mauz in our name on behalf of all Swabians who are connected to their homeland. The connection to the Alb-Danube district and the Swabian Alb have also contributed to the fact that regionality and a family atmosphere are two core pillars of the new orientation in the Adler.


Monday to Friday 6:30 am – 2:00 am
Saturday 7:30 am – 2:00 am
Sunday & Holiday 7:30 am – 10:00 pm