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20 Nov

Kletterwald Hochseilgarten Biberach

With 9 courses, 85 climbing elements and the innovative SMART-Belay fallback system, the most modern high rope course in Upper Swabia offers the opportunity to be active as a family. Located in the scenic „Burrenwald“, there is a wide variety of difficulty levels to ensure that people of every age and fitness are given the possibility to master their challenges individually and independently. For teenagers and adults, there are longer and more difficult courses, with the 120m long ZIP line as a highlight. Beyond, the park offers a large playground, numerous barbecues and a perfect environment for outdoor training.

In addition to the visit of the Kletterwald Hochseilgarten Biberach, a valuable addition is included in the arrangement. This comprises a three-course meal in our gourmet restaurant for you and your partner and a children´s menu.

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